Land Value in Berlin Pankow

by Tim
(Berlin, Germany)

I also live in Berlin and think to buy a house in Pankow. It is uneasy to find reliable information about land value, please tell me two things-
What is the highest value for land in Berlin? And how much does land in Pankow Niederschoenhausen cost?
As I am new here I am a bit confused. I have a feeling that sometimes prices are too high and they vary from district to district too much.

Here is what Holger answered:

The highest estimated land value in Berlin is 17,000 EUR/m² (street Tauentzien in 2010).

The area Niederschönhausen is a district in Pankow has estimated land value from 150 EUR/m² to 280 EUR/m² for construction of single family houses and between 200 up to 300 EUR/m² for construction of a number of flats houses in 2010.
The figures are valid for ready to build land of usual sizes and does not consider special circumstances.
It is just for your information to know approximate value of land in Berlin. Hope we could be helpful.

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