Niederfinow Boat Lift

Niederfinow boat lift is the oldest working boat lift in Germany. It lies on the Oder-Havel-Kanal near Niederfinow in Brandenburg. The lift is 60 m high, the length 94 m, taking five minutes to move through the 36 m elevation difference.

It is moving the vessels and boats upwards or downwards on the canal between rivers Oder and Havel. It was built in 1934 but a bigger ones will replace it in 2014 (now under construction). The old lift can move boats up to 1.000 tons. The new one will have a limit of 2,300 tons. You can get there by train to Eberswalde and then by bus No 916. It takes about 80 minutes from Berlin main station.
The lift is a popular tourist destination with about 500,000 visitors per year. Due to this reason in 2003 a new larger car park was opened. The lift became a technical attraction for tourists and people loving such technical things.

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