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Park Sanssouci together with the Palace have always been one of the attractions for tourists visiting the capital of Germany. Charlottenburg Palace is located in Berlin and being the only museum residence of royals surviving after the World War II. Sanssouci Palace is located in Potsdam around 60 km away from Berlin.



But easy and fast connection makes it still one of the must see for tourists coming to the capital of Germany. If you would like to experience royal spirit you can easily do it visiting one of the Palaces or both of them.


Sanssouci Palace was a summer residence of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The reason to choose this picturesque area was understandable. At those old times such distances as Berlin-Potsdam were not the same as nowadays. To move between two points was an uneasy job, not like nowadays when people can cover such distances every day for studying or working.


I mean going to Sassouci will not be that complicated and stressful. It can take around 1 and a half hour if you go by S-Bahn depending on where you start your tour. You can enjoy a beautiful surrounding-it is a great positive thing. S-Bahn in a modern Berlin you can not compare with the best carriages and the best horses which the King and other aristocrats had more than enough. In other words every ordinary tourists can live a life which ordinary people of that time could not imagine-travelling easily between Berlin and Potsdam, walk in Sanssouci Park, enter Sanssouci Palace and when the guide is not looking at you try to touch personal things of royals. These ideas will probably come to you during your travel to Sanssouci. And you most probably will feel good about it.


Park Sanssouci is of interest to tourists and locals loving beautiful surrounding. Park Sanssouci is designed to be large and nice for walking and before you enter the Palace if you decide to enter it, please, remember that you should first purchase your ticket and then plan your further excursions. It can be that you will have to wait a couple of hours before entering the Palace. They usually make appointments when you buy your ticket. It can also happen that all the tickets are sold. And you will just enjoy your walk in the beautiful park and see other famous buildings in the Sanssouci.


Sanssouci or sans souci can be translated from French "without sorrows". It was supposed to be a place where Frederick the Great felt tranquility and simplicity of life versus to Berlin. He chose himself the land for his dream house. All what was related to the Sanssouci he decided himself. And he had his own rules which were ordered to be followed-French was the language to speak. And NO WOMEN. He was famous for his negative attitude to women. May be that was the place where he wanted to feel free and happy. No women-no cry. He spent a lot of time with his famous friend Voltaire-writer, historian and philosopher who even had his own room in the Palace.



The King wanted to walk along beautiful alleys of Park Sanssouci  talking French with his genius friend Voltaire but the Mill disturbed them with its slow noise. Can you imagine? Frederick ordered to demolish the mill but the owner of the mill applied to the court. And the decision of the court we can see still. The King obeyed.

He was extraordinary in everything. Even his last will was to be buried on the hill next to his beloved Sanssouci together with his hunting dogs. But that will was fulfilled only on the 205th anniversary of his death, on 17 August 1991.

His last wish was fulfilled and nowadays people can see it. Believe it or not.

Potatoes on his grave can be explained also. He forced Germans to accept potatoes as a food. But people did not know exactly which part of the plant to eat and they rebelled against potatoes. Who could imagine that nowadays Germans love potatoes and cannot imagine their lives without it. What they do with potatoes… you can explain only with the rich imagination and the time in winter times they had enough.


In the Park Sanssouci  you can find a lot of different plants-trees and flowers making wonderful flower beds. There were 3 000 fruit trees planted. In the greenhouses oranges, peaches and bananas and other exotic fruit trees were planted.

You might be surprised that in such a climatic zone where Berlin-Potsdam are situated some trees could and can grow even without greenhouses.

The famous vineyard you can see immediately when you come down to the fountain below.


Sanssouci Park is free of charge to enter. The normal tendency is that everything will be not free sooner or later. But Sanssouci Park stays free. It was discussed in public but the final decision is to continue to be free.

But other buildings in the park are not free, for example the famous Chinese House.


Visit our Berlin Transport page to learn how get to Sanssouci with public transport. Do not forget that you should pay additionally for zone C which is beyond Berlin. If you have already your daily or weekly ticket just buy additional ticket for zone C. It is around €1.20. Or you should buy a ticket for zones ABC one way it is €3.20. Prices can change.


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