Potsdam Cecilienhof
Another Famous Palace

In Potsdam Cecilienhof is also a famous palace together with Sanssouci. It is well known since the post world war II Potsdam Conference took place there from 17th till 25th July in 1945.

The participants were President Harry S Truman for the USA, leader Joseph W. Stalin for Soviet Union and Prime Minister Winston Churchill for UK who was replaced during the conference by Clement Attlee (winner of elections in UK). There were taken decisions which formed the future of Germany as well as whole Europe. The palace is kept the same way as it was during the conference and you can see there the furniture: tables, chairs, flags and even flowers as in 1945. On 26 July 1945 Churchill and Truman issued the Potsdam Declaration defining the terms for Japanese surrender. But the main idea for this building was a bit different. It was constructed in 1917. Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany had ordered it to be constructed for his son Crown Prince Wilhelm and his family. The house was designed by Paul Schultze-Naumburg.

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Today Cecilienhof is a museum as well as a hotel. From time to time big bananas visit this beautiful place since they like such places and they do not go anywhere just for fun... Because they are very important persons. Cecilienhof is situated in the northern part of the Neuer Garten park in Potsdam, close to the Jungfernsee lake. Since 1990 it is part of the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin and UNESCO World Heritage. To get to Cecilienhof is not difficult. You can catch S-7 from the Main Station or Berlin Hauptbahnhof until Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. From Postdam Hauptbahnhof you should catch a Tram 92 and move until Potsdam, Reiterweg/Alleestr. From that place change to Bus 603 which will take to Cecilienhof. One way trip to the palace will take approximately one hour.

Sightseeing that wonderful place called Potsdam Cecilienhof will take your time. Think about spending there one day and you might want to visit some other famous sightseeing in Postdam. The city is also worthy of walking with camera. You will make nice pictures there. Potsdam is also famous for having good restaurants and especially cafe where you can eat very delicious cakes.

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