In Potsdam Sanssouci
Is One Of The Most Famous
Tourist Attractions

Potsdam Sanssouci is well known. And Postdam is not far from Berlin... And we know how you can get easily there...

Sightseeing in Berlin's surrounding is something very pleasant and it will add a lot to your overall feeling of Berlin and Germany.

In other words it will be great. We just will give some tips how to get there and it is your decision if you want to spend one day outside of Berlin.

Berlin has a lovely surrounding, full of lakes, forests and woods. The countryside is almost flat, just some little hills are surrounding the valley of river Spree where the most center of Berlin is situated and river Havel.

The dominating trees are coniferous trees and you will find also some heath landscapes.

The Royal Dynasty of Hohenzollern built up a lot of nice castles and palaces in Berlin but outside, too.

The most famous sample is palace “Sanssouci” (meaning is without sorrows) in the Southern West of Berlin. It was the most beloved place of Friedrich the Great whose grave is there next to the castle. You can reach Potsdam by S-Bahn S-7 in about 40 minutes from Berlin main station-Berlin Hauptbahhof to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof and use there the local bus 695 to the castle. If you want to start from another destination in Berlin you can use the site of the Berlin transport organization- It is easy to use and it is very helpful. Study it also.

Here's some awesome pages for you to see:

Of course, spring, summer and autumn are the best times to visit this wonderful place called “Sanssouci” .

The palace is on the top of a vineyard hill. You can visit the rooms inside. The museum's guidance is obligatory for this visit. You should calculate waiting time since the tours are often booked 1 or 2 hours in advance. The waiting time could be used for seeing the big park with Chinese Tea House, Orangeries and castle Charlottenhof. There is a Dutch mill close to the park that can be visited, too.

Opening Hours:

01.04. - 31.10.: Tu-Sun 10-18

01.11. - 31.03.: Tue-Sun 10-17

Admission Fee:

01.11. - 31.03.: 8,- Euro, red. 5,- Euro,

01.04. - 31.10.: 12,- Euro, red. 8,- Euro

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