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Reichstag is a seat of German Parliament, Berlin Sightseeing must, historical and architectural monument.

Most important things to do in Berlin include visiting this place. Visiting this famous building is not that easy as it was previous years.

Due to global changes with the situation with terror Reichstag also became a target for such probable attacks. That is why the checks are more strict and careful. For visitors, groups and special purpose visits only appointments are possible.

It is not good that visiting it became more complicated but still good that it is possible at all to enter and feel its atmosphere. If you have special questions check please the website of the authority booking for visitors .

And now we will explain why you should pay your special attention to this authority, building and historical monument.

Some facts:

Foundation: The building was completed in 1894

Architect: designed by Paul Wallot

Style: Neo-Renaissance or High Renaissance and classical motifs

Situation: the northern end of the Erberstrasse, not far from the south bank of the Spree River. nearby Tiergarten Park and the Brandenburg Gate as well office of the Chancellor of Germany.


Reichstag (German for "Imperial Diet") was the Parliament of the German Reich from 1871 until 1945.

Assemblies of the German Empire from 1871 until 1918 and later the Weimar Republic from 1919 until 1933 had been seating in the building.

On February 27, 1933 at night it was put to fire. The circumstances of that fire have not been fully clarified still and real criminals were not accused according to historians. Those events led to Adolf Hitler’s full dictatorship in Germany and the time of fascism. During the fire of 1933 Reichstag was not fully burnt. The building was not used for its original functions afterwards. During the World War II it was bombarded by Allied armies and during later Soviet offensive of Berlin in 1945 (on this page you can see photos taken in 1945).

Restoration of the building was held several times after war period. The fire of 1933 completely destroyed the original plenary hall and it was decided to demolish the dome in 1954. Paul Baumgarten's restoration of Reichstag was completed in 1961. The building was used for parliamentary committee meetings which were held once a year and exhibitions.

Sir Norman Foster was the chief architect for restoration after the reunification of West and East Germany in 1990.

Huge glass dome which was a recognizable feature of the famous construction was rebuilt that time. And on October 4, 1990 the Bundestag of the new reunified Germany held its first meeting there. Later it was decided by votes that the seat of German Government will move from Bonn to Berlin.

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Address: Platz der Republik 1 10557 Berlin

Telephone: 030 22 73 21 52

Open: daily 8-24

Fees: Admission free

Guided tours: by arrangement

Public Transport: S-Bahn: S+U Brandenburger Tor: S1, S2, S25

U-Bahn: U Bundestag: U55 S+U Brandenburger Tor: U55

Bus: S+U Brandenburger Tor: TXL Marschallbruecke: TXL Karlplatz: TXL Reichstag/Bundestag: 100, M85

If you really decide to pay a visit to this place, you will not regret it. The line moves relatively good. Sooner or later, slowly but surely you will reach it. In reality the crowd looks shockingly great but staying there you will realize that they move faster than you thought.

The famous huge glass dome looks in reality very modern even nowadays but from the beginning it was made of glass and steel.

From the roof of the building you can see a great view of the capital of Germany. In the darkness it should be much more impressive but only if the weather is good. Reichstag is situated very close to Brandenburg Gate.

After taking pictures of Brandenburg Gate just cross it and you are in the former West Berlin and not far from the place. And as Brandenburg Gate was the borderline between West Berlin and East Berlin you can imagine that people who were in Reichstag could see people at the Brandenburg Gate. Normally, there were border guards and may be some permitted civilians. And it did not look so overcrowded and tourist like as it is now.

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