Rheinsberg Is A Good Choice
For Traveling Around Berlin

Rheinsberg is another castle or chateau as it is sometimes called connected with Friedrich II which is about 80 km in the North of Berlin.

We recommend to go by train to Gransee and there by bus 784 to the castle. It will take you about 2 hours but the look at the countryside on the way and in this picturesque area will compensate you. This castle can be visited, too. There is no doubt.

There and also in the park opera performances take place in summertime. It is placed directly on a lake and next to long boat trips passing several lakes you will find here a lighthouse of 22 m height.

It is possible to visit its platform to look around the town and countryside.

From History it is known that Friedrich II or Frederick the Great while being a Crown Prince moved to this place shortly after his marriage to Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern.

There he was busy doing his favorite things as writing, philosophy, political theory.

So, if you like such historical digressions from modern life it is a nice place for you to learn more and enjoy a fresh air. In summer and warm seasons it is very nice to spend a day in that quiet place full of historical memories.

Actually, it is a town and municipality in Brandenburg. The town is situated on the river Rhin. You can visit local restaurants. They always looked appealing.

Rheinsberg is not that far from the city but still it is good to know Berlin weather peculiarities and just the forecast.

Our kids liked to spend the day in such a beautiful place. Swans, ducks and other birds are very hungry and curious there. Kids and adults have a great time feeding them.

Everyone can find something unforgettable inthat great place not far from the most attractive city.

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