Sanssouci Palace
Live Without Sorrows And Concerns


Sanssouci Palace together with the adjacent beautiful park is an attractive place for tourists coming to Berlin from all over the globe.

It is located in Potsdam which is around 60 km away from the capital of Germany.


However, to cover 60 km nowadays is very easy and pleasant. Even using a public transport will be convenient and will add your impressions about life in Berlin and Germany in general. And if you can hire a car or a bike will also be great. It is all up to you.



It has always been emphasized that Frederick the Great designed that palace for himself and his guests in accordance with his imaginations of convenient and beautiful.


He wanted to have a place where he could live "without sorrows or care or concerns" as sometimes Sanssouci is translated. It was a summer residence of the King of Prussia. He lived there usually from April until October. However, usually when it was warm at those periods as the building did not have a relevant heating. 




Palace is a single enfilade with ten major rooms facing to the South. Placed with main windows to the South the palace wins not only sun which any human being living in Berlin and Germany in general will always be missing, but the greatest views which the King could enjoy coming out from his beautiful little palace which he made real with his plans and care.


People always want to reach the house of the dream, every single element of which they arranged with love and care. Sanssouci Palace is the proof that dreams come true. Frederick the Great had his dream of a special place where he could live and enjoy arts and literature and everything his soul was apt and strove to. Even his dream to be buried in Sanssouci next to his beloved dogs was also realized even if it seemed crazy to his successors. However, contemporary Germans decided to respect the last will of the King they called "the Great".






















The palace is, as you can see, a single storey building. The King wanted it only that way and even the architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorf could not convince him of making it with at least a semi-basement storey. It would be more convenient for serving the King and the building would not suffer from dampness later.






Construction of the Sanssouci Palace lasted from 1745 until 1747.

It is also always mentioned that Sanssouci Palace is often being compared to Versailles. It is even called a German rival of Versailles. Many people really feel the similarity but the main difference that they are in different styles. Sanssouci is in Rococo style and the size is also much smaller.




You can also read about Sanssouci park which is beautiful and is kept as it was created by the order of the King Frederick the Great.


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