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Saxony-Anhalt is a neighboring to Brandenburg State. Brandenburg is another State which surrounds our beloved Berlin which is also officially nominated to be a State which is a city and not just a city but the capital of Germany.

There are 16 Federal States in Germany.

So, if you happened to be in Berlin and have some time which you would like to spend outside of Berlin to feel the difference, you can consider this State.

You can also have other possibilities to keep in mind if you really have time and want to see more of Germany without going too far from Berlin- Park Sanssouci, Rheinsberg, but if that is also covered or not interesting at the moment you can look closely at Harz mountains one part of which is situated in Saxony-Anhalt and a charming and beautiful town Quedlinburg. The State is famous for its history and traditions and there are much more famous cities and towns in this State. But we can start from these two places-Brocken and Quedlinburg.

Of course, Wittenberg is very famous and lots of people from different places of the world coming to that place to see the place where Protestantism started.

Wittenberg is a very beautiful town having famous churches. Martin Luther made this area famous. If you have interest you can also have your one day trip starting early in the morning from Berlin.

How To Get There

How to get there? You can go to Saxony-Anhalt cities by car, by coach or by train, theoretically also possible by plane or helicopter. Each way has its advantages. If you hire a car you, of course, will be free and can have your slow or fast way of travelling. Here just should be noted some important points regarding highways in Germany having their peculiarities.

There are not so many countries in the world where there is no speed limit. Germany is one of those few or may be only one where people can drive like crazy. But to be true they are not in reality crazy- they just love speed and they are allowed to press on gas depending on their wish. They like to tell to each other that they could go from airport in Berlin to airport in Hannover within an hour or less. Here we can see the truthfulness of the proverb- The appearance is deceptive. It can be a separate story called Quiet German.

Foreigners having the first experience with highways in Germany can get scared or surprised. Some get enthusiastic. I do not know to which group you can be referred to. I like it.

Once I watched an interview of Tom Hanks and he talked about Germany and highways in Germany. From his speech I understood that it was his main unforgettable impression. So, if you do not feel good about highways you can also use rural streets but it takes longer but more beautiful landscapes and different villages will be another good collection of memories.

Another good way to travel is railway. Deutsche Bahn can offer you good connections and available prices- For instance they have such a tariff- up to five people can go with one ticket for 42€ and come back within one day.

Trains are also fast and safe. But maybe you will not have your special experience with German highways. But maybe you also do not need…

Benefits of Deutsche Bahn:

Up to 5 people travel for as little as 42 euros (when purchased online or at ticket vending machines)

Unlimited rail travel for one day

Travel across Germany - 2nd class on all regional trains

Advantage for (grand-) parents (1 or 2 adults:
your own (grand-)children up to the age of 14 travel for free

Saturday or Sunday, from 12 a.m. until 3 a.m. the following day

Instead of Paris you can write any destination in Saxony-Anhalt or any other place in Germany or Europe.

Harz And Stories About Witches

The Harz mountains are located in the south-west, comprising the Harz National Park, the Harz Foreland and Mansfeld Land. The highest mountain of the Harz and of Northern Germany is Brocken having 1,141 meters (3,735 ft.). Such great towns as Halberstadt, Wernigerode, Thale, Eisleben and Quedlinburg are the towns making it attractive to tourists from all over Germany and other countries.

In Harz we visited Hexentanzplatz. It is a special place where according to old sayings witches gathered together. The Night they met was called Walpurgisnacht or Walpurgis Night which takes place every night from 30 April to 1 May on Brocken.

Nowadays it is fun and people like to celebrate this date this way.

A special phenomenon was noticed on the maintain Brocken called Brocken specter. We can believe it is really something special when fire and dances together with music and a bit of alcohol can have an effect which people found magic.

But nowadays we all are materialists and do not believe fully in those stories unless we participate and feel that ourselves but we cannot explain it.

Germans had a special relationships with witches- Many women were accused of being connected with evil magic and were killed all over Germany until one very wise person did not notice that less and less soldiers came to serve in army. And when they found out the reason that simply a lot of women especially good looking red haired were executed, they stopped it. The name of that wise man was King of Prussia Frederick the Great. Prussia was not far away from Saxony-Anhalt. A part of it is called Brandenburg and Berlin was a capital.

His advisers explained him the reason of decrease of soldier numbers- less women less soldiers. Killing a lot of women in middle ages coursed degradation of the population and number of healthy citizens. Twenty women and one man can produce more soldiers than twenty men and one woman such arithmetic they had at those old times.

Knowing all these can be interesting for visiting special places for those victims-witches.

Quedlinburg is a town located in the northern part of the Harz mountains of Saxony-Anhalt. In 1994 the medieval court and the old town was set on the UNESCO world heritage list.

It is a real medieval town with narrow streets and picturesque buildings.

The pictures can tell more than any descriptions. I would not mind to go to Quedlinburg one beautiful day again and investigate it more closely. I liked it from the first glance. It is like from fairy tales about princes and princesses. And it is for sure very different from Berlin. Saxony-Anhalt with a lot of towns is a very attractive destination for tourists.



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