Schloss Cecilienhof

Schloss Cecilienhof is another  great place in Postdam near Berlin we would like to present for your consideration if you wish to experience something related to history and royalty during your visit to the capital of Germany.

We have already some pages dedicated to the main attraction in Potsdam which is interesting to many tourists coming to Berlin. It is called Sanssouci. It is very beautiful and famous, having a splendid park. It is famous for being the dearest thing to the Frederick the Great where he lays in peace next to his beloved dogs as he ordered in his last will. It was the reflection of the wishes and ideas of the Frederick the Great. It was a place where he loved to live alone or with his friends but female visitors were not accepted.

But another and also a great place which is sometimes underestimated as a tourist attraction and a beautiful place is Schloss Cecilienhof. Schloss is a palace translated from German. The palace has got its name thanks to the Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the wife of the Crown prince Wilhelm, son of Emperor Wilhelm II.

 It also can be  translated as household of Cecilie.  It is on the contrary a place for a royal family with children.

Some Facts about Schloss Cecileinhof


Schloss Cecilienhof

Ökonomieweg - Neuer Garten

14469 Potsdam

Tel: +49 (0)331 - 969 42 44

Opening hours:
April through October: Tuesday - Sunday, 9am - 5pm
November through March: Tuesday - Sunday, 9am - 4pm

Admission prices:
4.00 Euro (3.00), in winter, with guide
5.00 Euro (4.00), in summer, with guide
4.00 Euro (3.00), in summer


Schloss Cecilienhof is located in the northern part of the Neuer Garten park, close to the Jungfernsee lake. Looking at the map you can realize that it lays in green and blue. It means that it is surrounded by a park and a lake which you can also enjoy after seeing the museum. Better to choose days with a good weather.  Many people walk and lay in the park. You can have a short picnic stop.

Construction: On 19 December 1912 Emperor Wilhelm II issued an order to construct a palace for his eldest son Wilhelm and his family. By that time Crown Prince Wilhelm had been already married for several years. They married in 1905 and having an own palace for the growing family was necessary. As it was a complicated period in the world history related to the World War I and the internal imperial problems the construction lasted longer and was interrupted for some time. And finally construction was finished in August 1917. The last child of the family was born in Cecilienhof and was also called Cecilie von Preusen. The royal family had six children.

Style: The architect was Paul Schultze-Naumburg. He created a design in accordance with the tastes of the royal family and they chose an English country house in the Tudor style.

English Tudor-style buildings represented partially timbered walls, bricks and several decorative chimney stacks which you can see immediately on the roof of the palace from different points.

The palace has 176 rooms but looks not huge thanks to a special architecture and design.


Schloss Cecilienhof is the last palace built by the Hohenzollern dynasty that ruled Germany until 1918.

 Due to historical negative developments and WWI and WWII the family of Crown Prince and his wife Cecilie lived in the palace for some period before revolution 1918 and later as well as they were allowed to use the building for the needs of the family. But the palace was confiscated by the new Government.

They could live in the palace under special requirements until 1945.

After the WWII the palace was not seriously damaged that was why it was selected to host Potsdam Conference which was held in July-August 1945. The ground floor of the palace is fully dedicated to Potsdam Conference.

The other part of the palace shows living conditions and household of the royal family. One part of the building is used as a hotel . It is called Relexa Schlosshotel Cecilienhof – Potsdam. It could be a great alternative if you wish to stay in Potsdam and visit its famous museums and parks. It must be a great feeling to stay in a palace and feel yourself as a guest. The general opinion of visitors is that it is not an ordinary hotel. It is very special. 

How to get to Schloss Cecilienhof from Sanssouci

Walking 3 km

Bicycle 5 km

Auto from 2 to 50 km

Bus 11 min with 1 bus stop

Bus 695 Richtung S Potsdam Hauptbahnhof

 Bus 603 Richtung Potsdam, Höhenstr. every 20 minute

As you can see from the map it is not so complicated to walk or use any transport means to get to Schloss Cecilienhof from Sanssouci.

We liked both places and think that both places will take more time than you think. Unless you are as one American tourist who wrote that it took him half an hour to see Cecilienhof. How did he manage to do it? May be he just scanned the territory as an alien or flew as a Batman.

We spent around four hours there.

There are several options to visit the museums in the area. We just purchased tickets for the ground floor where the Potsdam Conference was held and where every single thing is kept as it was at those days in July August 1945. 

As we were with kids we know that our son cannot manage to cover all what we would like to do. Even if we skipped the first floor, private rooms of the royal family and Marmour place we still feel like we did well.

Our son wanted to relax on the leather arm-chair of Josef Stalin. He said he was too tired to continue and pointed to the arm-chair which he considered to be appropriate for him to sit.

You can imagine that it is out of the question not only because we are conscious and responsible parents but also because a number of guards watch every single visitor. Especially, little tired four years young visitors are silently watched. And nobody is allowed to approach the valuable arm-chair. He was unpleased. But  when he was allowed to run in the park  later,  we all felt very good again.  The park is really great.

Even if you come with a tourist coach in a group you will still spend more time than half an hour. Tourist come to Cecilienhof in waves. It was interesting to watch them. As we noticed statistically Spanish speaking tourists dominated. The paradox is that Germans run to Spain and feel unhappy if they stay in Berlin or where they live in Germany and Spanish run  to Germany to enjoy cool weather. The reality is that an international tourism makes it possible to see and admire things which are very far and become nearer when we think about them and want to see and experience.

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