ScO, SpacecraftOperator, during the NASA Space Shuttle Fleet missions.

by Clark C. McClelland
(Tavares, Florida USA)

I am Clark C. McClelland,Aerospace Engineer and former ScO, during the Space Shuttle Fleet missions, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. !958 to 1992.
I was in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) as an agent
My adventures at Cape Canaveral and KSC are presented at my website:
I am seeking consideration for an honorary doctorate degree in Space Sciences and Technology as Edward Snowden received recently. and I do believe my background was as deep as he experienced.
My career was destroyed by what I KNOW that few others now know. I am VERY OLD NOW, so please act soon.
I worked directly with Dr. Wernher von Braun, Dr. Kurt Debus, Dr.
Adolf Knothe,and many, many more. I am very proud of all you may read.
Clark C. McClelland
P.O. Box 233
Tavares, Florida 32778 USA

Dear Mr. Clark C. McClelland,

I am happy to receive the above message from you. You made me conduct a kind of research. At the beginning I could not really understand you. But after checking some links you offered and info placed in your letter I finally realized that you are joking...

As far as I could find out the issue on Edward Snowden is still under consideration. To be awarded a
an honorary doctorate degree is not that easy. Who knows may be he will be really awarded an honorary doctorate degree . The University of Rostock is split as the world about Edward Snowden. Everybody has his own attitude to this person and what he has done to the world and USA in particular. The thing is that his candidature was offered for consideration by the dean of Philosophical faculty of the Rostock University. I was also surprised to find out that Edward Snowden has not completed his higher education and has not gained a degree. This is one of the reasons discussed in the disputes about his probable honorary doctorate degree. Intelligence services in other countries take seriously issues of education. They have to check everything about the candidate to become an agent or any other position. In some countries they even have to show the graves of grandparents and other relatives.

Unfortunately, with you it will be problematic even if you made your contribution to the Space Science to find the right person who has such a value and authority as a dean or any other person famous in education and science.

I checked some names you mentioned on internet and talked to a German person who likes such historical issues. And I was astonished that the person you mentioned first who actually is known as the father of aerospace science and rocket building in USA -Wernher von Braun. He also had such an honorary doctorate degree from the university of Berlin which is actually the contemporary Humboldt University where Wernher von Braun studied and completed his education. And the person who offered him for consideration of the academics was Adolf Hitler himself. He liked the young and promising scientist and wanted to promote him that way.

You said you are proud of your biography and I think anyone would. It was a great time of pioneers of Space and you were a part of it.
Thank you for visiting our website and leaving such a provoking and interesting message.
I would like to wish you all the success and pleasure in the field you are busy at the moment as you still continue to do a lot. I tried to find out your age. If you retired in 1992... and if your former boss von Braun who would be 102 years this year, it means that you have gained a lot of good years when an honorary doctorate degree is not that important and it is fuss about nothing.
But would not be bad on the other hand.

I also find it great that you successfully use all the new technological achievements having and working on your own websites and making all the things related to the website optimization.
So, in case you meant it...and it was not a joke. I am afraid I do not know anybody of that level I mentioned above who could raise that issue in a scientific society . Unless the public… will support it.

best regards,
Berlin Germany Fanclub

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