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Both in the South East became a part of Berlin in the reform of 1920 and have been grown from former towns. The conditions here are good-civil and people here are often wealthy, especially in Dahlem and Zehlendorf.

Here are big lakes placed. A very beautiful surrounding to enjoy nature and wealthy being.


Similar to Steglitz-Zehlendorf, this district was included into Berlin in 1920. Population is dominated by good-civil people. By good civil is meant that people living here are good tax paying civilians.

Actually the modern tendency that people start to be divided by the principle of their relation to taxation. Some pay taxes and some consume them.

Which way is better difficult to say. This is very personal and philosophical at the same time. You will find here Berlin's Zoological garden and famous avenue “Kurfuerstendamm”.


It is placed in the most Western part of Berlin. The most famous building is the Citadel of Spandau where war criminals were arrested after the World War II.

The genuine Spandau inhabitant is still considering him- or herself not as “Berliner”.


This North Western district was performed in 1920 by several villages. Now there is also a satellite town called “Maerkisches Viertel” and the airport Tegel (international Code TXL) which is expected to be closed in 2012.


This district in the South East is very green and has a lot of lakes and watercourses.

Its part Koepenick became famous in 1906. The reason was the following: The shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt used the dress of a captain of the guard which he had bought on occasion at the market place.

He was so good that managed to get under his command ten genuine soldiers right on the street. He occupied the mayor's house, arrested the mayor and found cash funds but not passport department where he planned to obtain his passport. Voigt himself has never served in the army. He had learnt all commands in prison before and made use of them having extreme situation when was in deficit.

This story became famous because the solders followed all of his orders and did not have doubts because they thought he has rights- he had the uniform and looked real.

Was he crazy? Actually not... just German authorities made him mad- without passport he could not find a job in Berlin and visa versa.

Do not worry. For such a behavior he was not executed but just spent one year in prison.

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The Northern part is dominated by urban houses built around 1875-1890.

The Southern part is more rural with residential houses but you will also find a satellite town called “Gropiusstadt”. In the North the Turkish community is very active. Before 1912 Neukoelln was named Rixdorf what you can find in all poems and songs. And since Rixdorf became famous for bad things of criminal character, it was decided to rename it.


Comparable to Charlottenburg you will find here good-civil population, more urban houses in the North with Schoeneberg and more residential single family houses in the South.

The Mayor's house of Schoeneberg was a seat of the German administration of Berlin during the period of separation between West and East.

JFK had his well-known speech “Ich bin ein Berliner” in front of this building.

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