Summer in Berlin
The Best Time To Come

Summer in Berlin is the best time to visit Berlin unless you love other seasons. We will try to tell you the whole truth about this matter. In other words we will share with you what the summer in Berlin like. You can ask: Why is summer the best time in Berlin? Because Berlin weather is normally pleasant in summer.

Of course, it can be raining and for some days you will have to change your plans. But generally it is warm and pleasant in summer. Berlin is a green city. It is true. When you come here you will be surprised that there are so many lakes in the city and around as well as forests and parks. The air is very good for this reason. From the point of weather conditions and nature Berlin is very much attractive in summer.

Summer in Berlin is also good for people who love walking and bicycle tours or biking. They can really enjoy doing it Berlin. If you think you would like to travel around Berlin you can also check different possibilities. Towns and villages around Berlin can also be attractive. You can visit famous Cicilienhof and Sanssouci of Potsdam. It is a great experience for people who love to explore new things, love history and enjoy nature. We have written a lot about Berlin sightseeing and around. You can also check such possibilities as it is the best time to do it.

If you love open air concerts of world stars you should find out beforehand the schedule and try to catch them. Some events can be free of charge. But normally it is better to book ahead of time.

Summer in Berlin is a busy time. A lot of events and activities take place. If you hear that somewhere Sommerfest takes place or Strassenfest. If you love to be amongst eating, drinking, laughing and even dancing and singing people it is the right place to visit.

Summer in Berlin is longer light than other seasons that is why it is also good for tourism unless your main thing is enjoying Berlin nightlife .

Enjoy what you see? Here's some more interesting stuff about this great city:

In winter time at 4 pm it is already dark in summer time it is getting dark around 10 pm. This also plays a role for sightseeing. For instance zoological gardens work only until 5pm. And even that is also late. Poor disturbed animals look at late visitors amazed or even may be they can look at them... it is too late. In summer it is different!

It is also an important factor if you travel with kids. Because if they do not enjoy their trip to Berlin you will probably also not. And if everything goes on smoothly and cheerfully, isn't it great?

In summer time it is also a good idea to go to the Baltic sea which is around 300 km away from Berlin. Berliners love to go there as it is the best time for swimming and enjoying Baltic sand. But if you love bicycle tours and great Baltic air you can go there any time. But if you love to swim but would prefer to do it in Berlin you can go to swimming pools which you can find indoors and outdoors.

Summer in Berlin is also great for people who love shopping. SSV-Sommer Schluess Verkauf-Summer sale is a magic combination of words can make anyone happy. Anyone who loves shopping. The material part of being is very important for human beings and that can be proved in Berlin.

Berlin is a big city full of different tourist attractions and Berlin tourism is getting more and more popular. We think it is a rare case that someone can not find anything of interest in Berlin. Of course, summer in Berlin is great but if someone likes other seasons Berlin is good in any season except probably in January and February but still a lot of tourist run around and look happy. May be because of WSV-Winter Schluess Verkauf-winter sale?

So, it does not matter if you stay three days or three months in Berlin we wish you all the best and enjoy your stay in Berlin and get the best of it.

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