Summer Sales in Berlin

by Lena

When do summer sales start in Berlin?

Hi, Lena, greetings from Berlin! Thank you for the question. I felt that something had to be written about shopping in Berlin.
Previously when such issues were regulated by the government summer sales and winter sales had a fixed time when they had to be started and finished. In accordance with regulations summer sales started in the beginning of August.
Currently the situation is different. Shops and shopping portals have to decide themselves when to do it. SSV- Sommer Schluss Verkauf is translated as summer sales from German. When you come to Berlin you will see that sales can be all year around at some shops. But, of course, the main time when you can buy a lot of good quality outfits and all kind of products is the end of July and August. Discounts can reach up to 70-90%. “Alles muss raus”- means they want to get rid of everything to have a spare place in warehouses for new collections. At this period many tourists come to enjoy summer sales in Berlin. I was a witness at Alexa Shopping Mall at Alexanderplatz when Zara intervention was held by a gang of English girls. They were so happy and bought huge bags of different clothing of Zara brand. I remember their happy bright eyes when they checked the prices. It looked obviously that they enjoyed shopping in Berlin.
Winter sales are very closely connected with Christmas time but mostly New Year’s Eve but the main discounts happen after the New Year celebration and further in February. If you like winter and would like to buy some special presents for your family and friends for Christmas and New Year, think about Berlin. Christmas markets are very beautiful in Berlin and in Germany in general.
So, if you plan to come to Berlin soon, you will definitely have a good time shopping if you like it. In September there are still a lot of interesting offers in shopping malls. Later, of course, still will be a lot of products which remained after devastating attacks of shopaholics.
I wish you a good luck and many happy moments during your shopping in Berlin. Even if some people say that material side of life is not important... but the fact is that we all are materialists. The proof is the full of shoppers malls and working for full capacities Chinese and other countries factories.

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Jun 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

Will there still be good sales in 2 nd week in August?

Feb 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

Is there any sale other than after christmas or august

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