Tax Free Shopping In Berlin

Tax free shopping is another possibility to make people happy and think to visit our great city again and again.

Of course, not all people can enjoy such a great opportunity. And it is a pity but those who can use tax exemption will be really happy to have refund of about 19% of the amount they spent for purchased goods during their travel to Germany.

If you are a non-EC citizen permanently living outside of Germany you can enjoy shopping in the capital of Germany more than others.

People being non-EC citizens and living outside of Germany can identify themselves easily. We will just be happy to explain how you can use those opportunities.

    Several things should be noted to understand how tax free shopping works:

  • Please, read the information of the official body called German Customs
  • and find a Form which is mentioned several times about
  • and print it out before you travel to Berlin or around Germany.

Who knows may be you will mistakenly decide to spend a lot of money and think that all goods and services are under this regulation of tax-free trade. It is important to understand that only goods purchased on the retail trade points such as shops and malls can be applicable for a tax free shopping. If you just go to enjoy drinking bear and other drinks and go to eat out or have a great time with some other services. You should know that you will not have tax refund even if you collect all the checks everywhere you were in Berlin.

You can go shopping and have a special document which you can download from the site of the customs officials German Customs, because not in every shop sellers like to be busy with this issue. On the other hand, if you want to to talk about it to the seller and have already the paper with you it is great.

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The first way you can get tax refund for purchased goods in Germany using this way which is rather complicated but doable.

If let's suppose you want to buy an engagement ring with a diamond like Scarlett O'Hara demanded from poor Rhett Butler and want to have your 19% back which are applicable at present (the figure can change from time to time). You should have with you the paper with the Form, we mentioned, then you should agree with the seller that he will manage for you the tax refund for which he or she has to apply to the tax authorities in Germany.

Here also should be noted that authorities demand a proof that the purchased let's say ring was really taken to the non-EU country. This you will manage at the airport customs office or any other customs office you will have to pass. They will check your object and stamp the document-Form. Later you will send it to the seller and he or she will manage hopefully this transaction. Another way which is much easier to use for travelers from non-EC countries: Enjoy your shopping at the places where you can see the sign: Global Blue TAX Free SHOPPING and demand your special Tax Free Form which is issued by them and called "Rückerstattungs-Cheque" in Germany.

Declare your purchased goods, receipt and passport to the customs desk to get your Tax Free Form stamped. Then go to the Cash Refund Office and demand your cash immediately or let them transfer tax refund. We tried to explain how tax refund works. We can not say that it is absolutely easy and everybody does it. But once you learn how to do it, you can enjoy tax free shopping not only in Berlin.

From the experience of people we know personally, we are informed that they could easily manage the second way. They purchased a camera in Berlin and knowing little tricks could take home back cash as a refund for the great camera they bought it Berlin. Of course, you are aware of the fact that nothing is for free, especially in capitalist countries. You will have to share a bit of your gain but it is not that much. It is your decision which way you will choose. Please, enjoy your stay in Berlin and have great time shopping in the most attractive city.

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