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There are so many things to do in Berlin that you will not cover all and probably will want to come back one beautiful day. Or sometimes it also happens that people say: It is totally boring in Berlin. Well, first days running from one shop to another and then what?

Ok, if there are no interests except shopping... it is ok. We respect it.

But it is sometimes good to open up eyes and find out that there are so many interesting things to do in Berlin and in the life in general that it starts to be astonishing that the world only consisted of shopping and it gave the feeling of joy.

The world is abundant and full of interesting things and you can catch according to your scope. If your scope is a bit shops orientated you will find lots of shops in Berlin. You you think only of fun, drinks and beautiful girls, here you are Berlin offers that also.

Generally you can find a lot of interesting places and things to do in Berlin. Berlin sightseeing is the best thing you can start with.

Just make a plan decide what you want to see and to experience and go ahead , do it.

Of course, it depends when you come to Berlin and your interests in general. Do not forget about complicated character of Berlin weather.

There is a proverb saying that one loves a water melon and the other one ham. Tastes differ.

If you love history and museums Berlin is the right place for you.

Museum Island will keep you busy for a couple of days if you have a moderate speed. If you are slow and love to study every single exhibit, be sure you will have to return. Pergamon is one of the most famous Berlin museums.

Berlin nightlife is also to be under consideration. It does not matter if you are a retired general or a starting sergeant , you will find your own interesting places to explore.

Thank's to internet a lot of information is available in internet or you can purchase a guide which will help you. We can cover some ideas about things to do in Berlin as it is not possible in two words to describe all possibilities. And you can also check our Berlin Germany Fanclub website and hopefully some of your questions will be answered.

Very often people ask us what we would recommend to see and visit in Berlin first of all regardless of such staff as interests and age and nationalities and so on.

Nefertiti. We would say it is very impressive and good to see this beautiful woman who is considered to be the most beautiful woman ever in the history of humankind. She is really beautiful and the museum where she is exhibited Altes Museum is also generally good and you will most likely be happy with this visit.

Berlin Wall is also a thing that makes Berlin different and unique. If you have time and like history you can surely find a lot about world history exactly in Berlin. You can book a tour in Berlin and all what usually is shown for tourists. If you love private investigation try it in Berlin.

Reichstag became of the most visited sightseeings and tourist attractions in Berlin. You can also use the opportunity to visit Reichstag and feel the atmosphere in which German lawmakers work.

Brandenburg Gate is also most visited Berlin tourism attraction. Going there and taking pictures has always been in plans of tourists coming to Berlin. On the way you will see a lot of activities and people like who go to the Brandenburg Gate and further to Reichstag.

If you have one day you would spend in neighborhood of Berlin, think about Potsdam's main attraction Sanssouci.

Things to do in Berlin can not be just limited to Berlin sightseeing. If you love concerts, sports and other activities check this sight of our partner- Tickets bei

May be you you will find something interesting what you can hardly experience in your home city because world stars prefer to come more to Berlin and similar big cities. Characteristic feature of this company that they send tickets cheaper than others and have special offers up to 50% cheaper on the day the concert takes place if there are any tickets.

Here's some awesome pages for you to see:

Some people also go to check local Berlin lakes and river Spree and beaches where they can enjoy a good weather and a clean water of local lakes which we do not find that clean as it is claimed but still people do it.

It is also interesting that some tourists or guests Berlin love to go to forests which surround Berlin. The air and atmosphere there is great but it is better to have maps and better be guided as forests are vast around Berlin and it is easy to be lost.

So, being a tourists in Berlin is great. Just learn about Berlin and use the situation and enjoy it to the fullest.

And how you will enjoy it depends on your imagination.

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