Tierpark Berlin 
Attracting  More Tourists


Tierpark Berlin is attracting more and more tourists. The reason is simply that they discover East Berlin and find out that there are so many unknown for many visitors places which can be of great pleasure to spend their precious time, especially if they want to do it with kids.


But even alone it is a great place to have your quiet meditation walking along beautiful paths and roads.


We spend one day in Tierpark  and found again that it was worthy to cover the distance frightening usual people like you and me.

Thinking that only families spend their time in Tierpark is not really correct. You can face a lot of elderly people over there and couples as well.


But that time we met a lot of tourists what normally had not happened previously.

Berlin Zoo was already a great step for ordinary travelers. And its convenient location almost excluded Tierpark from tourists root plan.


So, I would like to make a report which can be added to the original post about the zoological garden which was written considerable time ago. If you have interest, please, visit our Berlin Tierpark page.


This time we entered the Tierpark Berlin from the second entrance which you can see above. Why is it better to enter from this entrance? If you have a car you can park free of charge in some of the streets nearby, as we did. It is also closer and more convenient. I also liked the view better. Usually people enter the park from the main entrance which is more modern and there are more people standing in the line to purchase tickets.

I should also mention that prices for the Zoo and Tierpark are slightly different. In Tierpark a bit cheaper. If you come with the public transport, you would most likely enter from the main entrance as it is situated just in front of the U-Bahn- metro station Friedrichsfelde. If you have kids or packages for your unforgettable picnic, rent a little car which can help you very good. You can find them just at the entrance. 

There are many nice places to have a picnic. You will find out the best place for you. Do not worry. There a lot of special places where people can have a bit of rest. Many people just lay there in the sun from time to time watching what their family members do. Eating is also not prohibited. The only thing is that you should clean the place after your meal.

It is neat and clean in Tierpark that you will not want to harm the harmony.

The best to choose a good day when it is sunny but better is when it is not so hot, because animals in Berlin are spoilt. They do not like hot temperatures. They hide and feel sleepy.

It was a great pleasure to take pictures in the park. Some of them you can enjoy on this page.

This time pelicans were in a good mood. My kids were also more serious and respectful. I remember once we had to run until the border. We called it pelican border. They have their own (they think so) territory and when someone dares to be noisy or too much communicative, they will follow them but as they are Berlin pelican they will do it until the border.

There are some places where people can have more close contact to animals, touch them and try to be nice. But be careful. Sometimes lemurs, for instance, can take your bag and run away looking for a convenient place to check your bag for delicious things.

As wise people say: comparing is the worst you can do. But we will not compare ourselves we will shortly compare two zoos in Berlin.

From my experience we had much more live experiences with animals in Tierpark. They are unforgettable.

Being too noisy is not welcomed by the animals of Tierpark Berlin. If you think that panther sitting in the cage can do nothing with naughty kids, you are mistaken. May be your panthers, in your local zoo can do nothing except growling but Tierpark Berlin panthers can be very resourceful. Once one of them even managed to piss on faces of two cute little girls. The distance was around 3 meters from the cage to the girls. The panther was a real sniper. Since that time I always look more careful in that house and ask my kids be more respectful.

If you are interested to learn more about Berlin Zoo, please check out this page.

I also would like to tell you a short story of Tierpark Berlin. As you already could notice it is the second zoological garden in Berlin. It is very huge from the territory-around 160 hectares (400 acres) of land. Isn't it great to have so much land in Berlin? When you are there you will feel the spirit of this zoological garden- it is huge, quiet, very green and having a lot of different animals- around 7,359 animals from 861 species as of 31 December 2012.

Official opening happened in July 1955. It was a very difficult time for Berlin and the whole world. But Berlin Zoo appeared to be in the West Berlin and East Berlin wanted to show that it can also have something special. The territory of the Tierpark was formerly a Friedrichsfelde Palace which was founded in 1695. The building of the Palace did not suffer from bombings of the WWII. And you can still enjoy its beautiful architecture.

When you go to Tierpark Berlin is your decision but please, note that the weather conditions should be taken into consideration, season ( I would not recommend to go to the zoological garden in winter unless you have your own special reason.)The rest of the year is beautiful in Tierpark, because you will also enjoy the nature. It is also a great garden with a lot of flowers and plants.

You can purchase your ticket online visiting the Tierpark Berlin website.

Pay attention that kids under 5 years have free entrance. If you have a group of several people, also look for discounts.

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