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Sightseeing tourist attractions in Berlin can be done by bus or vessels, by foot and bicycle and other means of transportation depending on your imagination and financial possibilities.

But let us first mention one of the cheapest possibilities to manage a tour.

There are two regular bus lines - N 100 and N 200 that touch a lot of points of interest in the center. They have often double-decker bus which offers a great opportunity to enjoy a good view from the second level.

We recommend to start at square Alexanderplatz. Please, be aware that bus in Berlin should be entered at the entrance close to driver showing him the ticket and greeting him and the people in the bus. This is very important!

Unless you want that others think that you are from a far village of USA or not civilized citizen of the world or Russo Touristo (this is the way Russians call themselves abroad).

Ok, we do not joke any more.

So, we recommend to use a daily ticket valid till 3:AM next morning.

It is 6.30 EUR per March 2011. You should also read about Berlin Transport.

We touch upon such point as tickets in more detail. If you need to find some information on our site, just use the box which is on the right side of the page. Google was so kind to offer such a good thing as a custom search.

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You will go straight from Alexanderplatz to Sealife, next is Museum's Island.

You will find several museums there: Pergamon Museum, Old National Gallery, Old Museum, Bode Museum, New Museum. Additionally, the Berlin Dom is placed on this island, where members of the Emperor's dynasty Hohenzollern are barried on the ground floor.

Unfortunately, there are only some leftovers of the former castle on the South of the island.

Now the tour will pass “Unter den Linden”- the famous street of Berlin to Brandenburg Gate passing Museum of German history, the State Opera, University named after Humboldt and State Library.

There is Madame Tussauds Berlin branch, too. Close to Brandenburg gate both bus routes start to split. The N 100 is using the Northern way and passing at first the seat of German Parliament “Bundestag”. The building itself has the old historical name “Reichstag”. You will see on the right side next the seat of German chancellor “Bundeskanzleramt” and later on pass the seat of the President of Germany, the castle “Schloß Bellevue”.

The next significant point is the Victory Column in Berlin. It was built after the German victory against France in 1870/1871.

Now crossing the park Tiergarten the route N 100 is approaching to Western center with Zoological Garden, Europecentre and Emperor Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Bus N 200 is using from Brandenburg Gate on the Southern route passing the square Potsdamer Platz with Sony Centre and Berlinale Palace. The next is the concert hall Berliner Philharmonie. On the Southern side of Tiergarten bus N 200 is reaching the route of bus N100 again.

Another nice possibility doing sightseeing in the center is using a boat.

We recommend to start from the landing place close to Berlin Dom (on the other side of river Spree)which is considered to be one of the most important tourist attractions in Berlin.

There are several places from different companies. The tour is surrounding the Northern side of Museum's Island. Crossing later on the bridge „Weidendammer Brücke“ with Friedrichstrasse on it you will pass by theatre „Berliner Ensemble“ well known because of poet and writer Brecht and reach Reichstag. After the main station of Berlin on the right as well as Swiss embassy the short turn boats are returning close to „House of cultures of the world“ the same way to landing place. Of course, there are longer tour by boat possible to enjoy more tourist attractions in Berlin.

Tourist attractins in Berlin are not limited to the center of Berlin. Berlin has a lot to offer and not only in the center.

Please, look at our map made for your convenience where you can see lines with Blue mark for bus N 100, Red mark for bus N 200 and Brown mark for boat trip. You can also see photos of the main tourist attractions in Berlin integrated into the Google map.

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