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Universities in Berlin have a special place in our story of Berlin. After talking to students of the past and present and the ones who plan to study in Berlin, we realized again and very strongly that Berlin is a great place to live, study and learn lessons of life.

We have not heard that some young students die of starvation or commit suicide because they can not pass exams.

Students can work in Berlin and if they have temporal problems with some subjects they can just postpone exams. Some can do it for years. But it is their decision. Being a student in Berlin is a nice burden which some like to carry forever.

So, let us start from the point that life of Berlin students is relatively easy and comfortable. They have just to follow the rules and do their best studying.

They are happy to have best professors and methods those professors are used to test on students.

Some of Berlin students will have excellent future in their professional life. Some not. Reaching the goal (diploma) is not important-the process is important (study in Berlin universities).

In other words studying in Berlin university can give you a good start. And where you will move to depends on you.

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There are several universities in Berlin. By the way, if you already know -there are not so many things which are in singular in Berlin.

May be we can mention one- Reichstag...

Anyways, there are four universities in Berlin which are: Humbolt University, the Free University and Technical University and University of the Arts.

Along with them there are a lot of other institutions of the similar level which are referred to as a higher education.

Berlin Universities and other higher education institutions make the capital of Germany one of the most attractive targets for potential students not only from Germany but from abroad as well. That is why Berlin is called Germany’s most popular university city having approximately 133,000 students enrolled in universities and other educational institutions as colleges.

And approximately 16,000 of them are foreign students.

We plan to write more about universities in Berlin and how one (may be you) can become a student in Berlin. There are some ways which we will describe how to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Because you know, when you change your status from a Berlin tourist to a Berlin student or employer or even a entrepreneur the love is over, starts routine of bureaucratic struggle. But do not worry. It is doable. You see the figures- 16,000 foreign students. They all could manage it. So you can also do.

Ok. If you do not plan it now, may be you will think about it later.

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