Weather in Berlin in June

by Larisa

What kind of clothes should I take in end of June to Berlin?

Hi, Larisa

In Berlin June looks good this year. Warm days are exchanged by rainy days. But fortunately, they both are not long lasting. When it is too hot in Berlin let's say more than 32°C it is already not comfortable for people who have problems with the health and kids also. The thing is that it is relatively humid in Berlin. And you can feel it in winter and in summer very distinctly. If you come from the same warm country you will have to take normal things which you wear usually. In case it is raining and it is normally raining in Berlin you should also take special things. It comes in waves if it is too warm let's say hot after a couple of days rain comes. So, take your umbrella and normal for you summer cloths.
But very often very warm days can be changed by relatively cool days and it can be very windy. For such days you can take wind breaker or something what can protect you from the wind. In summer it is generally a good time to come to Berlin. Days are longer and nights shorter. Around 10 o'clock and even later in the evening it starts to be dark and between three and four in the morning it starts to be light. The sun awakes the first inhabitants of zoo. Night clubs visitors go home. Some locals go to work… The Berlin weather forecast looks normal: warm days are expected but remember about the rain which always comes and brings a couple of cool days.
I wish you a good time in Berlin.
We have a good page dedicated to weather where you can find more details.
best regards,

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