Werder Blossoming Season

Werder Blossoming Season is something for you if you love trees in blossom, wine, crowd, excellent food and a lot of happy Germans and not only Germans but a lot of tourists as well

And you plan to come to Berlin in the end of April and beginning of May keep in mind... There is always the same, every year something special is going on.

Werder is a beautiful countryside with a lot of cherry and apple trees.

A lot of inhabitants with gardens open them and sell juice as well as wine made of various fruits as apple, grapes, cherries, red and black currant, elder, sand thorn and others. You can use there carriages to pass the plantations of apples and cherries as a sea of blossoms. To add spice there are concerts, open air sales and other attractions for adults and children.

In 2011, for example, the campaign lasted from 30th April till 8th May.

Werder can be reached by train from Berlin main station within 30 or 40 minutes. You can use ticket ABC of Berlin and surrounding. We strongly recommend not to use cars since number of parking places is very much limited.

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Also if you think to go to Werder with children, please remember to stay there not too long. You can imagine what can be the result of such a happiness- drinking good alcohol and eating in the open air.

Sometimes adults are not able to be a good example for little children. And in Werder you can see it and realize strongly. But it is only in the evening.

Werder blossoming season festival attracts a lot of people from all over Germany and Berlin. It is a wonderful way to relax and see countryside around Berlin and have personal experience of celebrating with Germans.

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