What To Do In Berlin
On A Beautiful Day

What to do in Berlin on a beautiful day after you already explored the sightseeing musts? Some tips from insiders how to enjoy your stay in the most attractive city could be useful when you are already done with the most things to do in Berlin.

Berlin Sightseeing has a lot to offer and you have to decide what your main interests in this city full of museums, tourists attractions and shops, various restaurants, theaters and pubs and clubs are.

Some Berlin Sightseeing is recommended in Berlin. There are so called musts such as Brandenburg Gate , Alexanderplatz , Reichstag , Berlin Zoo . To have general ideas about Berlin Sightseeing and Berlin tourism you should visit those places and when you are done and still feel bored just to sit alone in a restaurant and also fed up with Berlin nightlife and still looking for something very special and the question: What to do in Berlin is still vital for you, you can think about going to concerts and theaters. Of course, special is very different for different people. Someone very wise said: Tastes differ. Another one also wise said: Every cock sings in his own manner.

But in Berlin there are some probably very special things one can do.

For instance, some people find it fabulous that Berlin has some places where nudists can have a place for a free sun baths. If you share this opinion you can have your own experiences with FKK or Freikoerperkultur. Before starting it is good to find out the right place which would suit you the best depending on your priorities. Of course, there are so many cultures where nudist point of view is considered to be one of the acceptable ones. In some other cultures it is taboo.

East Germans somehow happened to develop such a way of protest against State suppression that some people from all over the world still wonder that without being free they still managed to be free but in another, very special way. Usually reserved GDR people could have without any problem such a freedom of body culture as they call it. Even West Germans feel uneasy when they have to enjoy sun with someone who wants to be free of any clothing. And East Germans and West Germans even being called differently represent one nation.

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Actually, people who disliked such a freedom protested against nudist beaches. That is why such beaches were moved to some special places where other people interested in such freedom can do the same-it is allowed. For instance, Mueggelsee (S-Bahn stations Friedrichshagen) in Berlin.

One Russian woman was shocked after what she saw there. Shocked in her own special way. She was curious to know what it is like. It was her once in life experience. She tried to break her taboos but not successful. Did she enjoy it? Looked like not. But one thing was clear she would never forget it. Some people love it.

If the weather is not that good people go to saunas and therms which are relatively popular in Berlin. It is better to check before you go opening time and other important for you conditions. Sauna and therms by Berlin It is another solution for question: What to do in Berlin on a beautiful day.

Another place where people can have a great time without breaking taboos is Chorin Monastery. It is outside of Berlin but if you would like to see something absolutely different from what people usually see in their everyday life. Tranquility of the place and beautiful architecture can be interesting for tourists and foreign guests.

The only thing that it is good to find our exactly the way to Chorin and back. For this check our page Berlin transport which explains how public transport works. As we checked it, to go Chrin Monastery by public transport will take around 2 hours one way if you start from the Hauptbahnhof-Berlin Central Station. If you have so much time and interest in exploring a monastery and its history it is a good place. If you still wonder what to do in Berlin on a beautiful day but not interested to leave the city think about Berlin Zoo or its "younger bother" Berlin Tierpark. It is an opportunity to see locals and the way they treat animals and care about them.

Or learn skating- It is a special way to feel another type of freedom. It is also a great place to have fun and may be learn some German. As you can see from the photo you will not be alone there. Isn't it good to enjoy so many things at the same time? Here you can start talking to locals and they will be happy to practice English and may be learn more about you. It is very different from the other places mentioned above.

Berlin Germany Fanclub will always try to give some ideas if you still have the question: What to do in Berlin on a beautiful or not so beautiful day.

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