Winter in Berlin

by Mr.Shin
(South Korea)

Hi! When does winter start in Berlin? Please, tell a bit about it.

Hi! Greetings from Berlin.
Winter starts in Berlin after a long autumn is over. Autumn is outstandingly beautiful in Berlin. All of those trees and bushes and other plants start to change colors and the brown, red, green, yellow colors make Berlin picturesque. Berliners love that time. September and October are the most beautiful. Slowly but surely leaves come down and more and more rains come and last longer. Temperatures come down. End of November is no more beautiful. And it starts to be cool. Days are shorter and nights are longer. And very quietly on the toes comes winter. It happens every year. It starts to snow and very shortly sometimes.

Once we had such an interesting experience. Our daughter loves snow. One beautiful day it started to snow. Flakes were so large and beautiful and she asked to go out to enjoy it. I also love snow. We did it- played with the snow, collected little amounts of snow and made snowballs. And then we returned home happy. After some time she looked out of the window and found out that there was no snow any more. The next snow we enjoyed only at Easter. Berliners know that snow is a seldom event. That is why they rush to enjoy it.

Sometimes but not often it can be really cold and snowy. At such periods we feel good especially if the wind come from Siberia. The air is fresh and not that humid and snow lays longer. But usual picture is that it is raining all days and nights with some pauses. The humid air makes it unpleasant and it feels cold. At such times I am really sorry about tourists from Russia. They like to wear precious fur coats. And when it rains all the time, it will not make your stay pleasant if you are not dressed in accordance with the local weather. The best clothing is which can protect you from wind, rain and cold weather conditions. Sometimes it might happen that the temperature changes dramatically within some hours. That is why it is better to have something that you can put off when necessary.

But never the less tourists still come to Berlin in winter. They like to go to Christmas markets and enjoy Christmas time in Berlin which is really beautiful. There are many reasons why people come to Berlin in winter. Berlinale Film Festival in February. There are a lot of events in Berlin in winter which attract tourists. The best time in winter to come is Christmas undoubtedly. But tastes differ.

I hope such a short description will help you feel Berlin winter.
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Good luck and nice time in Berlin.
best wishes,

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