World War I Destructive
For Europe As Well As Berlin

World War I or First World War was the war of 1914-1918.

World War I was a time of deep cut for Berlin.

Especially at the end it was a time of hunger and depression, strengthened by the disease „Spanish grip“ leading to an enormous number of deaths.

When the November revolution in Germany took place the war was already lost for Germany. The emperor of Germany run away to the Netherlands ending the period of dynasty Hohenzollern in Berlin.

The November revolution led to a government of the party of Social Democrats. Since they did not feel safe in Berlin the foundation and operation of the government was done in Weimar. Thus the founded republic was called „Weimarer Republic“.

The spontaneous rebellion 1918 named after Spartacus was stroked down and the ideological leaders of communist party Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were illegally killed.

In 1920 the rebellion of former soldiers who wanted to turn the wheel back away from democracy was also not successful due to a general strike and their unprofessional behavior.

In 1920 the city of Greater Berlin was comprised of Berlin, 7 other towns and about 60 communities.

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The period of hyperinflation started after that. The government printed money to pay the contributions according to Treaty of Versailles (between Germany and UK, USA and France) and value of money decreased finally in hours.

After passing that the time of the „Golden Twenties“ in Berlin and Germany started. Berlin became Europe’s cultural city No 1 and you can get an impression of this time watching the movie „Cabaret“.

Another movie showing this and the following years is Ingmar Bergman's movie „The snake's egg“. The period of Fascism (in Germany often called National socialism) threw its shades ahead.

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